05 Feb 2015

After 97 years one would assume that the Chrysanthemums would know something about this genre and last Saturday night proved that assumption to be correct. It was produced and directed by Julie Delaney and Graham Leigh and a fine job they made of.

The Chrysanthemums have always been known for encouraging young dancers from Buds to Blooms encompassing a considerable age range and it is a great credit to Choreographer Rebecca Gardner that they maintained their discipline and demonstrated so much dancing skill.

Cinderella is an old and familiar story and it is largely in the hands the principle characters to give its well-known theme the impetus in making it seem fresh and new. How they succeeded.

Cinders was played by Leanne Sweeney who showed that she can both sing and act and we had a strong Prince Charming to add the love interest and more strong singing. Luke Bennet took on the role of Buttons and showed that he could handle the necessary involvement with his audience which is vital to the role; not as easy as it sometimes looks. Garett took on the role of Dandini; her first principle part and suspect we will see more of her.

With a wealth experience behind them Jed Flowerday and Graham Leigh brought the ugly sisters to life and got the most out of the gags which have around from time immemorial. What's important is if the audience laugh? Well they did. Phil Gilroy made plenty of his role as Baron Hardup and Steph Hatton as the Baroness was in hand to provide lots of support for him. Jessica herself proud as the Fairy Godmother.

We had not one but apparently two Loppy Lugs Greg Nixon and Craig Gardner and Tegan crimes and Jessica Mason. The latter pair took over when Loppy Lugs was dancing.

You can't do a show like this without strong backstage team and the Chrysanths certainly have this a one. Technical crew, props, costumes and a host of others. They have an excellent Musical Director in Norman Scott supported by drummer Mark Owen and Sarah Jackson proved her worth as the Vocal Coach. Well done to all. Budge