Fabulous show, well done to everyone, you're simply the best,

Karen Lewiis, Wirral

Little red riding hood best panto ever well done to every one

Sue, Birkenhead

I came to see the last panto (Aladdin) with the brownie group I'm a young leader of and all of the kids loved the panto and so did I and I think I'm going to audition for the panto this year with my friend from my dance class im sooooo excited !!!

Lauren Bewley, Wallasey

I was a member and participant in the '50's, and was thrilled to see that you still exist! If anyone is still around who make remember me, I'd love to hear from them!I've lived in Canada for well over 50 years now, but still remember fondly my several years as a Chrysanth! I played Man Friday in Robinson Crusoe, (at the old Tower Theatre) and Window Twanky at the Tivoli in 1956, I believe.I have a bunch of old programmes, photos and clippings, if there is a museum for old, old stuff! Good to see your website.

John Hannam, Canada

Always a great panto to watch. Marvellous

Joan , North Wales

I love to come and watch the Chrysanthemums Pantomimes. Fabulous dancing from lots of children.

Robin , Wirral

Always delighted to see budding stars of the future.

Arthur , Prestatyn

The chrysanths always put on a fabulous show. That Graham leigh is especially good

Graham , Wallasey

The Chrysanths are not only hard working, but a superb group who have a great team not only the actors but behind the scenes. They give their time each year to charity but I can truly say that they are as professional as the Professional Pantomimes Christopher Lee Power Actor/ Author

Christopher Lee Power, Wirral

love the website

Michelle , Wallasey

I bring my Rainbows to the annual performance of the Chrysanths and the girls have lots and lots of fun - good luck for this year's performance of Cinderella

Elaine , Wallasey

We really enjoyed Aladdin last year and can't wait to see your production of Cinderella.

Sue , Bromborough

I've been going to see the Chrysanths panto every year since 1992 and always have a great night out. Thank you. Keep up the good work. You are wonderful!

Grace , Bebington

Brilliant show,well done to everyone.

Karen , Wallasey

A great show something for everyone in the family.

Michelle , Wirral

Thanks to all involed for all their hard work

Lynn , Wallasey

I would like to wish all the cast for Jack and the Beanstalk a great show this year. I thought Cinderella was one of the Chrysanths best pantos. Once again a talented Company. Best Wishes for this years show. Christopher Lee Power Actor.

Christopher Lee Power , Wirral

I have just read the 2009 review of Cinderella and would like to also take the opportunity to mention how wonderful Jan and Colin were as they were not mentioned in it.Well done for this years Panto 2011

Christopher Lee Power, Wirral

Congratulations, Jack & The Beanstalk was The Chrysanths best yet! The discipline and skill of your young dancers was astonishing. For me, Evil Lyn and your comedy duo stole the show! Outstanding performances! Can't wait for 2011's panto!

Richard Thomas, Heswall

So looking forward to this years show - always a delight to watch.

Julie , Wirral

Can't wait to see Dick Whittington in the New Year. I love coming to see the Chrysanths perform

Sue , Wirral

Coming to see my grandaughter play the role of the cat and my grandson as Idle Jack - I am so proud of them both.

Joan , North Wales

The Panto this year was the best I have seen, Idle Jack was so funny and the cat Tommy was great. Better than any proffesional show, well worth the trip, looking forward to next year!!

Joan , North Wales

Came to see Dick wittington on Sunday it was absolutely brilliant, have seen many panto's but this was by far the best I have ever seen, everyone was so talented we especially enjoyed idle Jack he had us in fits of laughter and Tommy the cat was amazing must be such a hard part to play but it was amazing such great talent I really had a great time oh and my kids enjoyed it too

Heather , Chatham Kent

Mummy bought me to see my first panto, I really enjoyed it I would like to come again I really loved dicks cat and jack was so funny I hope he didn't hurt himself getting knocked over so many times

Cerys Ames, Kent

Is this very good play I have seen in England! Thank you for you'r performence!

Victor Robovitch, Ukraine

Fantastic performance by everyone. The dancing was amazing! Very funny in parts! Very high standard of acting and definitely on a par to the professional panto's! Cannot wait for the next one. Well done everyone involved.

Lisa , Wirral

An excellent and thoroughly enjoyable performance. Both Actors and dancers were superb. The smallest dancer was especially entertaining, but she is my daughter!!Why pay for a professional show when the Chrysanths can do an equally enjoyable show?

Dave , Moreton, Wirral

The Chrysanths show was fantastic this year. All the whole dancers were amazing especially one called Chloe and littlest one! The scary witch was very good as it really scared my kids and the music was great. Well done!

Fabiola , Wallasey, Wirral

Well done everyone - Brilliant show!!!!

The Pugh Family, Wirral

My family thoroughly enjoyed this years panto. The scary witch was our favourite- my grandson was terrified! When can we book tickets for next years show?

The Loche Family, New Brighton

Good Luck and best wishes to everyone taking part in this years production of "Cinderella", we are gutted to not be part of the show this year but are looking forward to watching the show on Sunday! As they say in the trade "break a leg"! xxx

Janine, Nadia and Hannah Scott , Moreton

Cinderella (January 2015) Wonderful! Hilarious! Superb! Great singing, acting and side spitting comic turns from the Ugly Sisters in particular. What a treat - a little reminder that Wallasey is a little gem of a place and so, congratulations to all The Chrysanths' and the hard work that had gone in to making such a fabulous productions. Singing from Cinderella, The Fairy Godmother and The Prince was exceptional.

Marianne, Wallasey

Hi All , my wife and I went to see your production of Cinderella at the floral New Brighton last night. We try to attend all the pantomimes each year. The Empire, The Floral, and Your company production at The Floral. Last nights performance was on a par with these professional productions....Firstly there was a smile on every cast members face, this showed how much they enjoyed themselves. The costumes were fantastic, fresh, bright and glittery. The scenery was well presented and complimented the actors great efforts. GREAT special effects, cinderellas dress transformation, the impressive pyrotechnics and lighting all added to a great visual feast. Special note must go to Buttons who put life and sole into his roll. Oh yes he did....etc etc. all the dancers worked so hard, A great night Thanks again, Norm and Lea Gray ,from Neston. see you next year.

Mr Norman Gray, Neston

Another AMAZING show, well done everyone.

Karen Lewis, Greasby

What a Show Cinderella was can't wait for your next one I am still laughing keep up the good work

sandy, rockferry

Hi all , we came to see your excellent panto on boxing day. It was fantastic, very colourful , bright, well presented. The scenery complimented the fantastic effort that all the performers put into the show. Buttons worked well getting the audience going , the dancers were a delight, and everyone was smiling throughout. Very impressive pyrotechnics stunned the audience a few times. Well done.

Norman Gray, Neston