This years show will be Cinderella again at the Floral Pavilion January 8th 2015 - January 11th 2015. Tickets are now available online!!

Cinderella lives in Hardup hall with her father, Baron Hardup, step mother and her two ugly step sisters Hernia and Verruca. Life is not happy for her she has to do all the chores while her sisters live a life of luxury. Her only friend in the world is Buttons the house steward.

One day, whilst collecting wood, Cinderella helps an old lady, she is unaware that her act of kindness will reward her soon enough.

Meanwhile Prince Charming and his companion Dandini, meet Cinderella and the Prince falls instantly in love with her. He decides to hold a Ball to ensure that he has the chance to meet Cinderella again.

Back at Hardup Hall, the residents are excited to receive a Royal visitor, inviting them to the Ball. The Baroness however, forbids Cinderella to attend.

Left crying by the fireside when the rest of the family leave for the Ball, the old Lady comes to speak to Cinderella and admits she is her Fairy Godmother. An excited Cinderella is transformed into Princess Crystal and departs for the Ball in a beautiful coach with a warning that the magic only lasts until midnight.

At the Ball the Prince is transfixed by Princess Crystal but just as he is about to ask her to marry him the clock starts to strike midnight. Cinderella flees the Palace leaving just a glass slipper. The Prince vows to search for his missing love and whoever the slipper fits shall be his wife.

Finally the Prince reaches Hardup Hall and the Ugly Sisters unsuccessfully try on the glass slipper. Just as they are about to leave Buttons insists that Cinderella be given the chance to try it. Of course it fits and Cinderella is reunited with her Prince Charming.

Cinderella and Prince Charming are married and live happily ever after.


Leanne Sweeney


Emily Beresford

Prince Charming

Claire Garrett


Luke Bennet


Phil Gilroy


Steff Hatton


Graham Leigh

Ugly Sister

Jed Flowerday

Ugly Sister

Jessica Leigh

Fairy Godmother



  • Philippa Kirby
  • Anna Williams
  • Ava Williams
  • Lottie Gilooley
  • Maggie Hollis
  • Yvie-Mae Wilcox
  • Grace Sands
  • Yasmin Williams
  • Amelia Smith
  • Frankie Mancini
  • Jonathon McAdams


  • Karrisa Hall
  • Grace Parry
  • Mary Swift
  • Ella Hall
  • Chloe Anderson
  • Millie Griffiths
  • Lauren Andrews
  • Sophie Warrington
  • Lucy Swift
  • Emma Stanley
  • Lucy Mutch
  • Fraya Beresford
  • Alexa Hughes
  • Amy Walker
  • Ella Samuels


  • Grace Hughes
  • Olivia Parry
  • Lucy Warrington
  • Laura Jackson
  • Caitlin Andrews
  • Maisie-Rae Navarro
  • Oliver Bennet
  • Maya Ogden
  • Zahra Wilkinson
  • Ruby Mancini


  • Hannah Scott
  • Isobel Lear
  • Emma Jackson
  • Molly Williams-Davies
  • Alison Parker
  • Melissa Wharton
  • Erin Mooney
  • Jessica Mason
  • Chloe Samuels
  • Tegan Griffiths


  • Nicola Johnstone
  • Isobel Looker
  • Agabail Sutcliffe
  • Maddie Duffield
  • Jasmine Melia
  • Libbie Greenall
  • Bethany Sutcliffe
  • Sophie Nelson
  • Katie Lewis
  • Chloe Seargant
  • Emily Williams
  • Aimee Walton
  • Megan Jones