This years show will be Jack and the Beanstalk again at the Floral Pavilion January 7th 2016 - January 10th 2016. Auditions for dancers and principles will take place in the summer, more details can be found on the auditions page.



Emily Beresford


Emily is 18 years old and is extremely excited to play her third principal role for the Chrysanths. She has taken part in school productions such as The Wiz, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan (Wendy) and a WW1 tribute play. She has also performed in Grease, Annie & The Ripple Effect at the Liverpool Empire

Jessica Leigh

Princess Marigold

Jessica's first show with the Chrysanths was 20 years ago as a dancer. This is the second time she has played a principal role in Jack and the Beanstalk and she is looking forward to playing the Princess Marigold

Claire Garrett

Fairy Snowdrop

Claire is 18 years old and in her third year of training at The Hammond, Chester studying Musical Theatre. She has previously performed in 'Phantom of the Opera'’ and the UK premiere of 'Chip and his Dog'. This will be her seventh panto and is very excited playing her second principal role for Chrysanths

Terry Davies

Dame Sprout

For over ten years Terry ran a youth theater workshop at the Gladstone Theatre. He has performed over the years in plays, musicals and pantomimes. Terry has played a dame for a number of years for the Chrysanthemums and is looking forward to playing Dames Sprout this year

Phil Gilroy

Baron Botchup

This is Phil's fifth appearance in a Chrysanth's performance and he is looking forward to playing the baron this year. When not acting on stage you can catch Phil singing in local pubs with his 2 duos, Sunday's Reason or The Philosophers

Jed Flowerday


Jed has played guitar since he was 14, at 18 he secured an audition with a group from the TV show 'New Faces' and then toured Germany. He has been a Chrysanth since 1985 and had played both comedy and villainous roles.

Graham Leigh


Graham has been involved with the Chrysanthemums for almost 40 years now, during which he has played many parts, including an ugly sister in Cinderella and the King rat.

Ben Thomas

Simple Simon

Ben is incredibly excited to be taking part in his debut pantomime with the Chrysanths. Since leaving high school in 2013, Ben had been training at Priestley College and playing roles such as Ernst in Spring Awakening and Coach Bolton in High School Musical, along with the intense training at RARE Studios in Liverpool where he was gifted the opportunity to play Geoffrey in "The Lion In Winter"

Charlie Delaney

Will Sprout

In an unexpected return, Charlie Delaney is delighted to be returning to the Chrysanthemum's Pantomime in the role of Will Sprout. Charlie has been performing with the society since 1994, and is honoured to be performing alongside Daisy the cow again.

Leanne Sweeney


Leanne has performed from a young age, starring in various shows across the world. Leanne has had leading roles such as 'Millie' in Thoroughly Modern Millie, 'Mrs Lovett' in Sweeney Todd and many more. This is Leanne's third panto and she is looking forward to many more



  • Yvie-Mae Wilcox
  • Frankie Mancini
  • Eva Fitzsimmons-Crawshaw
  • Evie Bowers-Hawkins
  • Maggie Hollis
  • Amaya Rudd
  • Ava Williams
  • Isabella Swift
  • Anna Williams
  • Amelia Smith
  • Phillipa Kirby



  • Lauren Andrews
  • Sophie Warrington
  • Amy Walker
  • Emma Stanley
  • Beatriz Magalhaes
  • Grace Parry
  • Mary Swift
  • Millie Griffiths
  • Rebecca Woosey
  • Ella Hall
  • Fern Parker
  • Ella Samuels
  • Jonathon McAdams
  • Chloe Anderson



  • Freya Beresford
  • Ruby Mancini
  • Maya Ogden
  • Rebecca Sysum
  • Amy Cooper
  • Olivia Parry
  • Lucy Warrington
  • Elana Lowry
  • Laura Jackson
  • Lucy Swift
  • Grace Hughes
  • Sophie Peers
  • Oliver Bennet



  • Freya Bates
  • Chloe Samuels
  • Louise Cooper
  • Alison Parker
  • Molly Williams-Davies
  • Emma Jackson
  • Caitlin Andrews
  • Isobel Lear



  • Erin Mooney
  • Jasmine Melia
  • Erin Horgan
  • Jessica Mason
  • Nicola Johnstone
  • Melissa Wharton
  • Tegan Griffiths
  • Libbi Greenall