The Chrysanths seeks to be as fully inclusive as possible when working with our volunteer members and to minimise any potential risk of discrimination. Although the 2010 Equality Act is not applicable to volunteers, we are committed to ensuring that we adhere to the core messages – ensuring volunteers are treated equally and free from discrimination, either when auditioning or when they become performing or nonperforming members of the society.


Our Commitment to our members

The Chrysanths is committed to providing equality of opportunity when auditioning and recruiting its members. Although there is no statutory obligation under equality legislation, we recognise a clear moral obligation to promote fairness and equality with all our members.

We value all members and celebrate their diverse and unique identity and background, and actively welcome members, either performing or otherwise, from all groups, including (but not exclusively) religious belief, political opinion, social background, ethnic and national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age.

What you can expect from us…

We believe that our volunteers should reflect the diversity of our communities and that they have the right to rehearse and meet in an environment which is free from discrimination.

Once we are made aware of a disability, reasonable adjustments will be put into place to support anyone in auditions and/or when they become members.

All members of the Chrysanths, whether in a performing role or otherwise, are expected to support our commitment to equality; treating others with dignity and respect and not discriminating against them.

Members are expected to make it clear that discriminatory behaviour is unacceptable, alerting a member of the committee, or production team if an incident occurs which causes concern.