Little Red Riding Hood is an European fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. The story has been changed considerably in its history and subject to numerous modern adaptations and readings. The story was first published by Charles Perrault with the earliest known printed version being known as Le Petit Chaperon Rouge and with its origins in 17th century French folklore. Like many early fairy tales it was later adapted by the Brothers Grimm to the story we are all familiar with.

Our pantomime version has Robin Hood as the hero of our tale and is simple story of good and evil. Will the innocent Red Riding Hood fall into the clutches of the wolf, or will brave Robin Hood save the day and rescue our heroine.



Terry Davies


Terry is one of the best loved panto Dames around, with a wealth of experience behind him, he tackles this role with great enthusiasm. You are always guaranteed a good laugh, a great song - sung in traditional Panto Dame gusto and a comedy chase!

Luke Bennet

Big Bad Wolf

Luke has appeared with the Chrysanthemums twice previously. On both occasions, he thoroughly enjoyed playing the role of the foolish, comedic village idiot, son of the Pantomime Dame, Idle Jack and Wishy Washie.

Jessica Leigh


Jessica has been involved with the Chrysanths since 1985 when she appeared as a dancer aged 5. She has since progressed to playing more senior roles including principal girl in Aladdin and Jack & the Beanstalk.

Phil Gilroy


Phil has been involved in amateur dramatics for 7 years, appearing in pantomime as the dame as well as on three occasions one of the 'idiots'. These have all been with St Albans players.

Emily Beresford

Will Scarlett

Emily joins the Chrysanthemums for the first time this year.

Jake Mathot

Simple Simon

Jake is a newcomer to the Chrysanthemums this year and is looking forward to playing the part of Simple Simon. He has recently performed in a production of Les Miserables.

Leanne Sweeney

Maid Marian

Leanne is an experienced performer, and has performed a number of leading lady roles with Wallasey Operatics, including Ulla in The Producers, Kathy in Singing in the Rain, Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd and also appeared in Thoroughly Modern Millie and West Side Story.

Emma Jackson

Red Riding Hood

Emma has danced with the Chrysanthemums for the past two years and this year will be performing as one of our Little Red Riding Hoods and as a dancer. She is really looking forward to this opportunity to play a principal role.

Lauren Wood

Red Riding Hood

Lauren is joining Chrysnathemums for the first time this year and is excitied to be sharing the role of Little Red Riding Hood and is looking forward to dancing with the Chrysanthemums. Lauren attends Wirral Theatre School and regularly competes in dance competitions.

Jed Flowerday


Jed has played guitar since he was 14, at 18 he secured an audition with a group from the TV show 'New Faces' and then toured Germany. He has been a Chrysanth since 1985 and had played both comedy and villainous roles.

Graham Leigh


Graham has been involved with the Chrysanthemums for almost 40 years now, during which he has played many parts, including an ugly sister in Cinderella and the King rat.

Charlotte Delaney

Robin Hood

Almost like part of the set, Charlie has performed with the Chrysanthemums for the last 19 years, starring in most roles over this time; dancer, fairy, principle boy and girl and camels rear end. Charlie looks forward to taking on the role of Robin.



  • Precious-Destiny
  • Summer Hemmingway
  • Alexa Hughes
  • Jonathon McAdams
  • Ella Samuels
  • Grace Sands
  • Mary Swift
  • Emmanuel-Westley
  • Yvie-Mae Wilcox
  • Anna Williams
  • Ava Williams
  • Yasmin Williams
  • Francesca Mancini


  • Lauren Andrews
  • Aaron Barker
  • Freya Beresford
  • Ella Hall
  • Karissa Hall
  • Jessica Heron-Davies
  • Georgia Gerrard
  • Millie Griffiths
  • Grace Hughes
  • Laura Jackson
  • Lucy Mutch
  • Sophie Peers
  • Lucy Swift
  • Amy Walker
  • Sophie Warrington
  • Zahra Wilkinson


  • Caitlin Andrews
  • Oliver Bennet
  • Amy Cooper
  • Aimee Dunn
  • Pippa Hall
  • Elana Lowery
  • Ruby Mancini
  • Maisie-Rae Navarro
  • Maya Ogden
  • Olivia Parry
  • Lucy Warrington
  • Rebecca Williams
  • Lottie Woods


  • Molly Adamson
  • Maddie Duffield
  • Laura Gill
  • Tegan Griffiths
  • Emma Jackson
  • Isobel Lear
  • Jasmine Melia
  • Olivia Quinn
  • Chloe Samuels
  • Hannah Scott
  • Melissa Wharton
  • Molly Williams-Davies
  • Lauren Woods


  • Hannah Bennet
  • Chloe Bryan
  • Claire Garrett
  • Olivia Grace
  • Libbi Greenall
  • Aimee Harwood
  • Nicola Johnstone
  • Katie Leiws
  • Ruby Melia
  • Sophie Nelson
  • Chloe Seargeant
  • Abagail Sutcliffe
  • Aimee Walton
  • Emily Williams
  • Jennifer Wong