The Chrysanthemums Pantomime has a duty of care to keep all the children and young people they have responsibility for safe during rehearsals and show week. We will take all appropriate measures that we deem necessary, to ensure both the environment is safe and that we respect the well being of the children and young people in our care.

General procedures:

  • All children perform only once written consent is received by their parent/guardian. In addition permission is sought for children to be photographed and videoed as part of the show publicity and marketing.
  • Registers are taken at every rehearsal and during show week children are signed in and out of the theatre at the stage door.
  • Should children require a performance licence to take part all necessary consent will be sought from the LA and the individual schools of each child.
  • The Chrysanthemums are covered by appropriate Public Liability Insurance for both rehearsals and show week to cover its members and performers.
  • All children under the age of 8 years are expected to be in loco parentis at rehearsals or have a designated adult with them.
  • All dressing rooms will have identified matrons and chaperones to supervise and escort the children to and from the stage.
  • An adult child ration of 1:5 will be adhered to.
  • Boys will be in separate dressing rooms from the girls.
  • Matrons, First aiders and those with appropriate safeguarding clearance (DBS) will be identified.
  • Fire procedures for the safe evacuation of rehearsal rooms are listed and a practice drill will be run during each rehearsal cycle. Theatre fire procedures will be followed during show week.

Health and Safety

  • A risk assessment is carried out by either the Stage Manager or Assistant Stage Manager of the rehearsal rooms and theatre to identify possible hazards and risks and the action required to ensure safety for all.
  • A record book is kept at rehearsals and the theatre to log any incidents of injuries that occur. Qualified first aiders are identified and will administer first aid if required.

Personal Details

  • Personal details collected about any child are for use solely by the society and will not be given to any third party.
  • Contact details are required for all and are used for contacting parents in case of an emergency who are not present at the rehearsal/theatre.

Costume fitting

  • When fitting or measuring children their personal dignity will be preserved at all times.
  • Children will only be measured and/fitted for costumes by the wardrobe team and if the child is wearing a leotard.
  • Fittings/measuring will only take place with 2 adults present in the room. For under 8s a parent may also be present.