On a summer's evening in 1918 a group of amateur enthusiasts decided in view of the somewhat depressing state of the country due to the war, that they in their own way would endeavour to provide a little happiness to lift the preceding four years' gloom that had haunted the population of Wallasey and against a glorious background of Chrysanthemums at a house in Vaughn Road, New Brighton an out of season pantomime was staged

It was rapturously received by the local people, who were delighted to be able to enjoy their leisure time in such a manner once again and who cared that it was a winter's production performed to the rustle of summer dresses and the hum of the ladies' fans as they paid full attention to the performers?

The production was 'Sleeping Beauty' and it produced a handsome profit of £6 which was donated to the Red Cross in appreciation of their noble efforts during the traumatic years of the war.

Such was the success that it was decided that a Pantomime Society would be formed which would enjoy the name of 'The Chrysanthemums' as a constant reminder of that first open-air production.