In 2006 the Chrysanthemums Pantomime Socienty was delighted to announce that Ken Dodd has agreed to be our Honorary Patron.

His stand-up comedy style is fast and furious, relying on the rapid delivery of a huge number of one-liner jokes. He has claimed that his comic influences include other Liverpool comedians like Arthur Askey, Robb Wilton, and Tommy Handley. He intersperses the comedy with occasional songs, both serious and humorous, in a light baritone voice.

Ken Dodd has had many recording hits, charting on nineteen occasions in the UK Top 40, including his first single Love Is Like a Violin (1960), produced on Decca Records by Alex Wharton, which charted at number 8 (UK), and his song Tears, which topped the UK charts for five weeks in 1965, selling over two million copies. This remains one of the UK's biggest selling singles of all time.